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“These kids are fantastic. I would work with them anytime, anywhere!”

Doc Severinsen, Principal Pops Conductor, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra


“This exceptional ensemble of young ringers has developed a unique style unequaled among handbell choirs… Their musical creativity and innovation have been a driving force in establishing the art of handbell ringing as a strong, legitimate form of musical expression… Desert Bells has established itself as one of America’s premier handbell ensembles.”

William A. Payn, Ph.D.Chairman, Department of Music, Bucknell University


“[I think] it was the most wonderful experience of [my daughter’s] year… Ringing really elevated her musically.”

Glenda Dunlap, Bronzeworks™ parent


“I am still in aglow about the concert… The tempos were dazzling, but the contrasts of sound even more so. I was really impressed with the musicianship [they] demonstrated.”

Donald E. Allured, Composer/Director


“Unbelievable!… These young people demonstrated a real passion for what they were doing. Thank you for your unique and mesmerizing performance.”

Robert Black, President, B & C Seminars

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